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When was your pump last checked out?

We have over 39 years of pumping experience. We know when a pump is ready for replacement or just needs a patch up and a lick of paint. If your pump has been in place for as long as you can remember, or was installed prior to you moving in, give us a call. Just to be on the safe side.

We will send out our Sales Director for a consultation and help you plan a preventative maintenance servicing that your system could be in desperate need of.

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The NB/ NK Stainless Steel Collection

All our NB/NK Stainless Steel end-suction pumps are excellent solutions for industrial applications where both small and large volumes of media need to be transferred or circulated. These pumps can provide exceptional performance when pumping clean, slightly dirty or aggressive media among many other benefits.
Media primarily include:

Drinking water
Aggressive industrial water
Swimming pool water
Cleaning agents
Fats and oils
Liquid Soap