Save money & energy consumption with washer systems

Cougar can supply Energy-saving high-pressure pump packages, designed for multiple gun wash down systems!
Wash-Saver Pump System
Common multiple wash down systems are sized to run at full demand at all times with the unrequired water circulated until the demand is increased. The Wash-Saver system produces only the water flow that is actually required, eliminating the need to recirculate the flow. This results in significantly lower energy costs and water usage.
  • Pump unit(s) comprising of Pump, Motor, Base, Guard, Transmission, Sensors and Valves
  • Single Variable Speed Drive Control Panel
What are the benefits?
  • 24/7 high-pressure cleaning water availability
  • Minimal water bypass
  • Pump speed matched to demand resulting in energy reduction
  • Positive displacement pump, with 85% mechanical efficiency reduces energy consumption
  • Easy on-site servicing, reduces downtime

What are the options?

  • Multiple pump units
  • Interconnecting inlet and discharge pipe work
  • Header tank(s)
  • Remote access
  • Accessories: other valves, components or sensors


  • Instant response to changing gun demand reduces water use
  • Low consumption idle mode
  • Automatic start/stop function (sleep mode) saves energy costs
  • Run dry and pipe leak detection for better maintenance
  • Pre-configured control panel with adjustable parameters

Wash-Saver Control Panel

Wash-Saver Operation

Demand is managed by the Wash-Saver control panel, specifically designed to exactly match demand with supply. The Wash-Saver uses a feedback signal from a sensor to a variable speed drive (VSD) to control the pump speed. The pump, drive motor, accessories and VSD panel come fully assembled, tested and pre-configured at our UK facility to match customer’s individual requirements.

Optional pre-piped water header tanks can also be supplied, and installation into existing centralised high-pressure pipe systems is an uncomplicated procedure. The control panel can be readily incorporated into a factory automation system or linked into a local area network.

Do you require a wash-saver system?

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