Pipe connection materials

After selling Bucks Railway Centre in Quainton a pump Back in December 2016, they recently got back in touch with us as they needed some help with some pipe connection materials.

We stepped up to the (foot)plate and sourced pipe and fittings including quick release couplings and bandseal adaptors which our engineers refer to as Elephant’s feet!! – you can see why below!

Float Switches

10m float switches in plastic casing freely suspended at the desired height from its own cable. When the liquid level reaches the regulator, the casing tilts and the mechanical switch closes or breaks the circuit.


A range of valves available including:

• Gate Valves
For on/off control, with low pressure drop

• Butterfly Valves
For flow regulation in large pipe diameters

• Non return valves
Enable medium flow in only one desired direction

Mechanical seals

There are many types of mechanical seals you might use. Just take a look below.

Don’t they all look shiny?

You should see them when we get to replace them after years of turning in the dark, hot, cold, or nasty! Shiny new ones available for all purposes.

Catching the drips!


Pressing rape seed oil using batch production, a customer didn’t want the expense of a pump at each press.


Buy one pump, and make it mobile!

The pump, motor and controls were built onto an easily moved trolley so that it could be taken from point to point. Simple!


Think of the money they saved!

If your wallet’s a bit thin, let us know. We might have a way of making your pound, dollar or yen go that much further.

Picture by Florianglier2105