“All the water and no electricity”

Jersey has one of the highest tidal ranges in the world.

This presents some extraordinary challenges which, over the years, has resulted in sea locks, seawalls and other mechanisms to keep the sea out and yet, allow maritime traffic in.

One specific risk, is a combination of a high tide, and a flood creating storm. In this case, the floodwater would not be able to run into the sea and would need channelling and pumping up over the seawall. This situation was further complicated by the chance of a power cut during a storm. As a result, our client had specified diesel driven units.

Local authorities had already designed and built the pumping station and needed the pumps and associated equipment supplying and installing in order to complete the project.

Cougar’s solution

Leading a team of specialists, we were able to cut the clients need for equipment by 20%, by utilising hydraulics of a more superior design than the original one. This meant four pump units and not the five originally specified.

During discussions, we also redesigned the controls, as the original specification called for four Form 4 mains powered panels. Clearly, in the event of a  power failure, even though diesel driven, nothing was going to run.

Customer Benefits

We saved the customer 20% before the contract was let, and, in addition, reduced their risk further, by applying a different control philosophy. In total, we installed four sets of equipment totalling 4,000 hp.

To give you an impression of this, when the four pumps ran together, they could fill a 50 metre Olympic-sized swimming pool in one minute.


Cruising in the Eastern Caribbean Sea

Well not quite, although there is an orderly queue of Cougar Engineers forming, ready to jet off and install pumps previously supplied to the tiny island of St Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean Sea.

Of course, where there are people, there is water as well as waster water too!

In this case as wastewater pumps were required, highly efficient models were selected, crated up and set sail bound for sunnier climes. Given the distance involved, as well as the relatively low amount of industrial facilities on the island, it was crucial to send top quality equipment with a long life-expectancy.

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