Eastern Promise…

NO, not Clacton-on-Sea!

The challenge

One of our lovely customers in the Middle East, has a deep oily water sump (the things we get to pump!) that needs frequent emptying. Submersibles were not wanted, and the unit must be explosion proof too. Naturally it was urgently needed, and had to be airfreighted for speed.


Take a standard line shaft pump, fit it with an explosion proof motor, epoxy paint all the components for corrosion resistance, and send it in coffin sized crates for final assembly on site.


A working result using readily available items to make a special unit, and get it there on time. Got an odd job? We’ll take a look at it.

“We’ve run out of room!”

The challenge –

a customer’s factory was bursting at the seams and they desperately needed a new continuous loop test bed for their world class products.

Cougar’s solution –

to design a shipping container made with personnel doors and other non-standard fittings. Fitted with an automated dual pumping system in all stainless steel, complete with inverter drives, controls, flow meters, fully wired and tested, before delivery to site.

Customer benefits –

without using any more factory floor space or requiring planning for expansion the client received all they wanted in terms of capacity. The complete project took 8 weeks from inception to acceptance, in budget and on time.


Is this the view from your office?

For one of our wonderful and most fortunate customers, it is!

The Sharazād Boutique Hotel in Jambiani, Zanzibar needed a submersible pump located in a well to pump brackish water up to a tank, there not being enough fresh water locally for all purposes. Not the most exotic application, but what a location!

Wherever you are, and whatever you want to pump, we can deliver!

I don’t think there’s anything to add to this, just enjoy the pictures.

“Fire on the Rock”

The Challenge –

Gibraltar has very little fresh water of its own, so when the Gibraltar authorities required a new fire system for providing seawater to the top of the Rock, we were asked to provide an answer.

The Solution –

Seal-priming seawater resistant pumps capable of over 220m head? Not the easiest specification. So, we split the task and had all bronze self-primers feeding into horizontal multistage pumps with 220kw drivers.

In total, there were four pairs of pumps with a totalled installed power of over 900kw. Once installed, all of the pumps, drivers, controls, pipework, valves, were commissioned for the client.

Customer Benefits –

using industry standard equipment throughout, but in a novel fashion, gave the customer the result they required. Have YOU go a challenge for us?


Ship, ship Ahoy!

If you are responsible for either shipboard or dockside pumping equipment, then this message is for you!

Do you handle: –

  • Bunkering oils
  • On-board fresh water
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Wastewater disposal
  • Bilge pumps
  • Heating or cooling circuits

Wherever you and your ships are in the world, we can supply your parts or pumps, anywhere and, on time!