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Seas the day…


If you are responsible for ship maintenance, loading and un-loading, or dockside services, we know the challenges you face in getting the right equipment to the right location, and on time.

When it comes to your pumps, you name it, we can supply, service and fix it. Pumps for services on board ship, dockside liquids handling, reverse osmosis (RO), pumping waste, oils for fuel or cargo and more!

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A great Strateing point!

Strate’s distributor in the UK at your service!

With a dedicated email address for all your Strate enquiries and orders.

Strate offer surface-mounted sewage pump stations unique in their method of separating solids from liquid waste.

  • Floor mounted
  • No odour
  • Sealed system
  • No need for a sump or earthworks
  • No ragging or jamming of the pumps due to solids
  • Huge cost savings on installation

If you want to know more let us demonstrate the benefits of this unique system.

Suitable for homes, hospitals, hotels and hamlets!


Light at the end of the tunnel?

You might have recently thought the future looks bleak.

But there is a brighter future as seen here on our picturesque canal.

Cougar are dedicated to provide you with a first-class service, each and every time.

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At a junction?

Make your next turn Peerless.

Peerless is one of the largest manufacturers of vertical pumps in industry.

Peerless pumps are proven with thousands of single and multiple vertical pump unit installations around the world.

Including pumping canal water!

  • Vertical turbine pumps
  • Submersible turbine pumps
  • Threaded vertical turbine pumps
  • Flanged vertical turbine pumps

Engineered for YOUR application.

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Suits you Sir!…

If you need a pump that doesn’t fit the regular catalogue sales, tell us what you want.

One of our wonderful customers based in United Arab Emirates had a need for a unit to handle oily water from a collection sump.

Taking a standard pump, making it flameproof, epoxy coating for long life and corrosion resistance, was the obvious answer.

It looked good too in a very shiny blue.

Made to measure always available.