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You lovely people need pumps all over the world.

Wherever you are, and whatever industrial pump requirements you may have, you can get your answers here.

We recently shipped a 1.5 Tonne pump via air freight to an African Gold Mine.

The new pumps you buy from us are of course fairly glittering, especially the highly polished stainless-steel versions for food and beverages.

However, all machines, will deteriorate over time, and when you bring your old pumps to refurbish you will get them back mechanically and electrically as new as possible. They will look good too!

Let us put some sparkle into your old pumps!




YOU can conquer a problem!


Sometimes you have a problem which it seems you cannot conquer.

If you have challenging pump problems, we can offer you a solution (and often more than one!) to solve your conundrum.

“The will to conquer, is the first condition of victory” – Marshal Ferdinand Foch

We have the will, and also the way!

Get in touch today to see how we can help you!


or call +44 1442 860000


Image : Mabel Amber at Pixabay

All hands on deck…

If you are responsible for either shipboard or dockside pumping equipment, then this message is for you!


  • Bunkering oils
  • On-board fresh water
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Waste water disposal
  • Bilge pumps

Wherever you and your ships are in the world, we can supply your parts or pumps, anywhere and, on time!

Even if you don’t have a ship, we would still love to hear from you.




How to stay cool, guaranteed!

If you are the person responsible for the chilled water pumps where you work, then this is the message for you!

As the weather begins to cool, and the air conditioning is turned off for this year, it’s time to get your chilled water pumps serviced.

Why not get your service booked in now while Summer is still a happy memory?

Don’t forget to book your service now.

Tel : (0) 1442 860000



The young and the old..

Joe, our young apprentice workshop engineer, working on an old circulating pump for one of our top customers!

The benefits of repairing your old units at Cougar include

  • Free strip and report
  • Genuine parts wherever possible
  • 12 months warranty on all of our work and parts
  • Performs as good as new
  • Looks as good as new
  • Fixed price repairs



or call +44 1442 860000

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Be smart choose Strate!

Cougar pumps represent Strate in the UK.

Strate have a unique sewage pump system.

The benefits to you are huge!

  • Does not clog as the debris never comes into contact with the pump impeller
  • Low cost of installation.
  • No excavation needed
  • No confined entry needed
  • Maintenance all above ground

We currently have a demo unit to explain the simplicity and effectiveness of this sewage pump station.

If you wish to visit our Berkhamsted works, we are more than happy to demonstrate and offer quotations where necessary.

We look forward to seeing you!

Please contact us on strate@cougar-industries.co.uk to book a demonstration, or call us on + 44 (0) 1442 860000.

For more info on our services with Strate, visit https://www.cougar-global.com/services-and-supplies/strate/




We are only a phone call away and can tune into the best Xylem product for you!

By partnering with only the best manufacturers, you will only receive optimum products for your requirements. Xylem is one of the best global players, and we have been working with them since 1980.

  • Abstraction
  • Drainage
  • Wastewater
  • Sewage

Whatever industry you serve

  • Public utilities
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Irrigation
  • Mining, and many more



The clock is ticking…

Congratulations to our winners from last week!

Don’t forget to enter our competition as we have a £40 Amazon voucher to give away every day in September!

Every customer who places an order in September will be entered into our daily prize draw.

We will select a customer each day at random from the orders placed during the day with the lucky winner receiving a £40 Amazon voucher.

You must add the code CP40 to your order, make sure that your quote number is included and you will go into the hat to win!

Good luck!



Take Flygt

Flygt is the originator of the electrical submersible pump so they have had a lot of practice at making you a really capable range of equipment.

With a huge range of submersibles to offer you for

  • water
  • wastewater
  • sewage
  • advanced monitoring
  • control equipment to optimise performance and energy efficiency.

Flygt pumps and mixers are ideal for everything from the toughest applications in wastewater, storm water, effluent, RAS and WAS, to lightly contaminated water and clean water applications.

If you have any waste water, sewage or drainage task, give us a call!



Need all your boxes ticking?

If you need somebody who will ensure all your boxes are ticked when you have a pump that needs installing, let Cougar know.

If you need on-site fabrication, we can help you with full pipework and valve installation too. And your electrics, sensors, and controls. We even recycle all of your old materials.

Working out and implementing a solution for a non-standard piece of work is second nature to us.

You can be assured of:

  • The right pump
  • The right job
  • Running optimally

Check us out, and you will see that we tick ALL the boxes…