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Have you ever felt you were getting nowhere?

No matter how hard you try nothing seems to work?

One thing I cannot do for you is build a spider’s web, but I can arrange to get some of your problems off your neck.

If you have responsibility for maintain any pumping system you know it can prove very frustrating.

Whatever challenges you face in this regard, just share your problem and let us have a crack at it.

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Change is coming!

Cougar are so much more than just a pump manufacturer.

That’s why you will find it easier than ever to find the right solution for you.

Too much water? Too little? Or just in the wrong place?

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We need Snow!

Our Challenge

A customer of ours had a Health and Safety nightmare, potentially – creating snow!

The site was a film set which required large amounts of snow. The issue was running flameproofed electrics around the site, cables, high voltage etc. In fact, this was banned before it even started.

However, the high pressure needed for the job required industrial pumps in stainless steel, to cope with the liquids being handled.

Our Solution

Chosing vertical in-line multistage pumps with all stainless-steel wetted components, and instead of using their normal electric motors, used air driven motors. Non-standard couplings and motors stools were fabricated to allow the mating of the pump and the drive.

The air motors run from a compressed air source, and while not as efficient as a direct electrical source, it did mean that the job could be safely accomplished with only running an air hose. Also, the air drives have other advantages in that they can be regulated to run at any speed, either under or over that normally rated for the pump without inverters or any other electrical controls, merely using an air valve.

Customer Benefits

For little more than the cost of the manufacturers standard electrical drive, we were able to save many thousands of pounds in electrical installation costs and more importantly, meet all of the Health and Safety requirements on a sensitive site.

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Cougar have the key to lockdown number 3!

Cougar remain open for business.

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You can be assured that all Covid-19 guidelines are adhered to, to keep you and yours safe.

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Book your pump service now!

Make sure your pumps don’t go down this winter!

Have you ever had a pump freeze solid? Not a pretty sight as the casings will crack open.

Weather conditions at this time of year can have serious implications for your pumps and associated equipment.

Book your pump service now before the wintry weather arrives.

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Happy New Year!

Christmas certainly flew by and here we are embracing a New Year.

I hope you had a great Christmas break and would like to send you my very best wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year.

There were a few bumps in the road last year. However, there is a lot to look forward to in 2021.

Only a phone call away, I look forward to helping you with your enquiries for: –

  • New pumps
  • Pump troubleshooting
  • Pump energy saving
  • Pump servicing, repair and installation
  • Booster sets, sewage sets, spares and so much more

Ready and waiting to serve you in 2021

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