We’ve run out of room!

A manufacturing customer of ours had literally run out of production space and desperately needed a new continuous loop test bed for their world class products.

We had a specifically designed container made with personnel doors and other non-standard fittings to accommodate an automated dual pumping system in stainless steel, complete with inverter drives, controls and flow meters which were fully wired and tested, before delivery to site.
The obvious downside to this solution was heat build-up due to the continuous nature of the process. So, using the inherent strength of the container, we placed a chiller and water reservoir on the top of the first container.

Without using any more factory floor space or requiring planning controls, we were able to give the Client all they wanted in terms of capacity. The complete project took 8 weeks from inception to acceptance. The price was fixed before work started and completed in time and on budget.

Cougar Pumps have years of experience creating bespoke units to suit individual requirements. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all! Our engineering expertise and strong relationships with suppliers, allows us to create bespoke units to match any requirement.

One of the world’s top oceanographic institutions

One of the world’s top oceanographic institutions with a mission to make them the pre-eminent organisation for oceanic research and science.

System replacement to reduce energy, running costs and carbon footprint.

A thorough survey was undertaken of the existing plant and recommendations for optimum replacements made, along with a complete plan of the proposed works.
Upon agreement the old pumps were removed and replaced with up-to-date energy efficient pumps, utilising existing variable speed drives. All the pumps were installed individually to reduce the vulnerability of the system and allow full functionality throughout the process.

Project completed on time, to a fixed price, and a happy customer!

Luxury Health & Fitness Clubs

Luxury Health & Fitness Clubs

Investigation of system failures, recommendation, and remediation.

Having received many complaints from their members about lack of hot water and even water at all, the client required a survey of their plant to determine the cause of their problems.

The problems revolved around some very old and fixed speed booster sets that were neither working properly due to poor maintenance nor rated sufficiently for the extended facilities.

New variable speed multi pump boosters were sized according to the increased demands of the client’s members, installed and commissioned.

Having removed the inefficient and out-dated units, the new booster sets have given the client’s ears a welcome relief from member complaints.

It’s Terminal

At a Thames-side fuel terminal the new lorry park of 10,000 sq metres on what had previously been open ground was producing a large amount of water run-off with subsequent localised flooding.

Come up with a working answer without interrupting the working of the terminal.

After a site survey a recommendation was made to install a new sump and pump the water 300m through new pipes to a discharge point.
Two sump pumps with a further interceptor were installed and discharge pipework linked both the sumps and interceptor, all buried and resurfaced.

Prior to completion of the project, there were huge puddles in the lorry park, causing potential risks for the operator. Following the completion of the work, it was great to see the parking area being kept dry by the new system. Dry feet and a happy workforce.

Have you got all the answers?

In many instances, Cougar are able to save you a considerable amount of money by coming up with answers that no-one else has offered you.

For example:-

  • Ideas around the choice of equipment
  • How to control your plant more efficiently
  • To offer alternative engineered solutions at the design stage
  • Plant surveys and evaluations
  • Optimising existing equipment

Our engineers have years of ingenious problem-solving experience.

Whether it be technical support, identifying a disfigured pump plate or any other head-scratcher, we will never walk away from a problem.

Get in touch today and solve your conundrum.

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Image: Arek Socha at Pixabay

A life of glamour!

Cougar Field Engineers are regularly spoilt with picturesque views from site plant rooms. (They insist most of them are rather less appealing than the views above!)

Nevertheless, it doesn’t distract them from their primary focus; replacing fixed speed, electricity guzzling old units on-site.

If you have an old unit that needs bringing back to life, or even better, burying and replacing with the very latest in modern energy saving technology, do let me know.

You know who to call!

Who’d have thought engineers lead such a glamorous life?


Where’s your pump hiding?

Wherever your pumps lurk, our ‘confined-space-entry’ and electrically qualified engineers will find and fix them. Your pumps systems are in good hands.

If your pumps need a major repair, they will be returned to our workshop for complete overhaul and a new 12-month guarantee.

Your on-site service includes:-

  • Safety check of electrical and mechanical components
  • Assessment of your pump in situ, looking for any damage, leaks, undue vibration or other problems
  • Submersible sewage/drainage pumps will be removed for physical inspection
  • Clean and check of float controls in any sumps
  • Analysis of your electrical connections to pumps and controls
  • Full inspection of control panel and their components
  • Electrical current readings
  • Operational check of high-level alarm units or other warning systems
  • Run and test of pump and control units
  • A report will be provided on completion of service, noting any immediate remedial action or advisory notices for future consideration


Ready for take-off?

When lockdown ends will your pumps work?

Will the heating pumps run?

If it’s really warm you might need your chiller pumps!

We are currently taking bookings for service work into May and June of this year.

Whether it’s hot or cold water, sewage systems or any of your other plant that needs a service to ensure a smooth re-opening of your business, NOW is the time to get it booked in.

Do let me know.



You will find that less is more!

Invariably, in life, you will find that less is more.

Cougar are the only contact in the UK for Peerless Pumps, so if you need a pump or a spare part, get in touch with us today. More applications, tailored for you.


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