You can conker any problem!

Sometimes, you have a thorny problem that you just cannot seem to conquer.

However, as market leaders and solution solvers, if you do have a challenging pump problem, my team of dedicated engineers will offer you a solution (and usually more than one!).

“The will to conquer, is the first condition of Victory” Marshal Ferdinand Foch

Find your very own solution with Cougar Pumps.

Downtime! Upstress!

System downtime is a real concern for business, and creates unnecessary delays aggravation, and costs.

Why not select a pumping solution that offers you reliability, peace of mind as well as optimum performance?!

With planned maintenance and a service contract your up time will exceed your stress time!

Whatever your business, we can help.

• Agriculture
• Automotive
• Biofuel
• Breweries
• Commercial buildings
• Construction
• Domestic buildings
• Facilities management
• Fire
• Food
• Machinery
• Mining
• Pharmaceuticals
• Shipping
• Wastewater
• Water

It’s never boreing!

As Micky and Guy demonstrate while completing work on a borehole pump.

The Technical bit…

A borehole pump is one that is placed in a water source, such as a groundwater well, from where it is able to pump water under pressure through the delivery outlet.

Whilst a self-priming pump might manage to draw water from 7 or 8 metres depth, a borehole pump is capable of pumping from depths of many hundreds of metres.

Owing to the high pressure a borehole pump is able to generate, these pumps are suitable for spraying, irrigation or for mains supply of houses, farms and whole communities.

Get in touch today to take the boredom out of your day!

Beat the October Strate price increase…

Now is the time to get your Strate orders in!

Strate are increasing their prices by up to 10%, effective from Friday 29th October and other manufacturers may follow suit. All orders received after this date will be at the new prices.

So don’t delay, get your orders in today!

I continue to thank you for your business and your support.

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At your service…

If you want someone to supply, install, fix or service any kind of industrial pump, then look no further than Cougar.

Whatever your business and wherever you are.

We work in prestigious locations such as The Shard, The Walkie-Talkie building, Westfield and The Thames Barrier.

Customers include The Environment Agency, Harrods, Coca-Cola, Thames Water, Kellogg Brown Root, Arla Foods and many other globally respected names.

Our talented, suave and sophisticated engineers (so they assure me!) have installed pumps in a gold mine in Guinea, in Jersey for the Government and in Gibraltar for Fire Services. Even trusted with the cloud, providing services for massive cooling circuits in huge server rooms.

All that as well as Power Stations, Biofuel processors, chemical plants and innumerable factories.

If you have pumps, let us look after you!

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Time is ticking…


Peerless Pumps are increasing their prices on the 4th October and other manufacturers may follow suit.

A 4% price increase will apply to all Peerless Pumps, with motors increasing by up to 12%.

So don’t delay, get your orders in today!

I continue to thank you for your business and your support.

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Jump start your pumps today!

Unlock the potential of your pump(s) and get them health-checked today!

When leaks occur, this generally means a failure of a component which could lead to the entire system failing, resulting in a costly repair…

Things that leak:

• Mechanical seals
• Valve Stems
• Pipe joints
• Perished flexible joints
• Case gaskets
• Corroded pumps or pipes

In short, anywhere a liquid can escape it will!

Any kind of leak from your system will only get worse until you get it fixed!

Leaks are costly in terms of loss of product, allowing ingress of contaminants and possible escape of dangerous or corrosive fluids.

Leaks can occur from the outset even during construction or initial manufacture or assembly of fluid systems.

Book your health check today.

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Image : Hany Sadek at Pixabay

Sea you soon!

If you are responsible for either shipboard, or dockside pumping equipment, then this message is for you!

I can help you with: –

• Bunkering oils
• On-board fresh water
• Reverse osmosis
• Waste water disposal
• Bilge pumps
• Heating or cooling circuits

Wherever you and your ships are in the world, Cougar can supply you with pumps and spare parts, anywhere and, of course, always on time!

Even if you don’t have a ship, I would still love to hear from you!

Sea you soon…

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Solutions to spark your interest…

Partnering with world class manufacturer’s enables us to guarantee you optimum products for your requirements.

We have excellent relationships with the very best, so you receive only the very best products.

Peerless pumps are proven with hundreds of thousands of single and multiple pump installations around the world.

Packaged fire pump systems built in a variety of configurations & materials to meet your needs. Packaged fire pump systems combine all the major equipment and accessories on to a single skid.
These systems greatly reduce the field construction and costs required to get your facility up and running quality.

Where we help: –

• Commercial buildings
• Industrial facilities
• Energy facilities
• Oil and Gas facilities
• Power plants
• Offshore applications

So, if you have a specific project you need advice on, or a tailored bespoke solution, Cougar are your choice.

On track, or off the rails?

At Cougar, I am committed to providing you, our customers, with the very best service, each and every time.

However, only by getting your feedback, will I know if I am exceeding your expectations, or if there is still some work to do!

So that I can stay on track, I would really appreciate your feedback.

If there is something I can do better, please drop me an email and let me know.

Image : Holger Schlue at Pixabay