Scarily, everyone needs a pump!

Even Halloween would not be the same without pumps. There are the obvious ones of course, like pumping blood, but all of your sweets, chocolates, flavourings, candle wax, and most of your foodstuffs have been through a pump at one time.

If you have a pump that doesn’t fit the bill, do get in touch and let us carve out a solution for you!


Image : Capri23auto at Pixabay

Do you need a boost? Then look no further…

Cougar booster sets are fully packaged and available with energy saving variable speed drives or fixed speed drives.

If you need a standard range product or a bespoke unit, delivery periods are tailored to suit you.

Cougar booster sets are shipped worldwide, fully supported by experienced aftersales service support teams.

All units carry a serial number for ease of servicing when ordering replacement components. Built to last and designed with constant water pressure in mind.

• New booster set
• Bespoke booster set
• Service your booster set
• Repair your booster set

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Image : NASA imagery at Pixabay

Colouring in!

Did you know that you can have your pump any colour you like?
Well, you really can.

Bright red is normally associated with fire equipment and blue often linked to clean water, but you can have any colour that suits you!

Here’s Barry and Joe, working their magic and doing what they do best, refurbishing pumps and making them look great.

You can rely on our engineers to bring your pumps back to life.


Beat the October Strate price increase!

Now is the time to get your Strate orders in!

Strate are increasing their prices by up to 10%, effective from Friday 29th October, 2021 and other manufacturers may follow suit.

All orders received after this date will be at the new prices.

So don’t delay, get your orders in today!

I continue to thank you for your business and your support.



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Well red!

Our engineers certainly are!

With decades of experience between them, offering an efficient, friendly and reliable service to our lovely customers each and every time.

Steve and Guy, once again proving that team work makes the dream work.

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You can find us, out in the country…

TikTok video

Cougar engineers were recently called out to a Country estate to install a pump in a lake.

Our video shows a 22kw Grundfos SP borehole pump, driven by a CUE variable speed drive, which can belt out up to a 50m fountain jet of water.

The variable speed drive allows for more or less fountain as the customer chooses.

Do get in touch with me today if your knowledge needs enhancing by Cougar!


Tailor made for you!

When the phone rings in the Cougar offices and the caller says “we’ve got a problem… to be honest, I love it!

I don’t wish difficulties for any of you, but where this is a lack of space, challenging geography, inclement weather or wide-ranging variables of temperature, all these can mean that a specialist pump build or BESPOKE, tailor-made installation is needed.

Firstly, let me quash the myth: A BESPOKE solution need not cost you a fortune.

In fact, in some instances, I can save you a considerable amount of money by coming up with answers that no-one else has thought of.

If you need a bespoke solution, please speak up and get in touch today!


Image by LivsStil at Pixabay

Sugar and spice, and all things nice!

Here are the wonderful team in the Cougar workshop, getting ready to ship a booster set and break tank for a sugar refinery.

I can help you hit your sweet spot by providing the optimal balance of costs and benefits.

If you have a challenge with pumps, pressure sets, boosters, pipework layout, awkward spaces to deal with and would like a fresh pair of eyes, give me a call please?

Always ready to help you.

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Images : Paul Lawrence