Give thanks!

Of course, it is an expression of gratitude which I extend to each and every one of our lovely customers.

Gratitude helps us to see what is really there as opposed to what isn’t!

If you would like an insight into how I can help you, make an appointment with Ellena to either talk to us, or for us to visit you.

Thank you!

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Make your right connection!

Relationships with the very best, mean that you only receive the best.

· UK sole agent for Peerless Industrial Pumps, LaBour and Taber
· UK N.I. and Eire sole agent for Strate sewage systems
· Grundfos Industrial Partner
· Xylem official Distributor
· And many more

Service for the world, with only the world’s best!

Cougar, connecting YOUR pumping needs.

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How to decrease your CO2

Do you know how much your plant is adding to your CO2 output?

If your plant, and more importantly your pumping systems are not running at their optimum efficiency, then you may be adding unnecessary amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Using a combination of monitoring and technical know-how, you can have the answers to make informed decisions that will reduce your footprint.

It is estimated that 50% of the energy used to turn pumps is wasted.

To find out more, get in touch today.

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Your pumps need you!

All pump systems consist of mechanical devices which require maintenance. The frequency of maintenance depends on the demands, the loads of the system and how critical the application is.

Routine maintenance to a pump system is crucial for its longevity as well as its reliability.


For example, sewage pump system failures can be caused by ragging or fat build up, causing blockages within the pumps and valves, which trigger unreliability. Pumps could then fail at any time without prior warning causing sewage flooding.

Whatever type of pumps you have, pump downtime causes inconvenience to you, your business, and emergency call-outs are expensive.


A properly maintained pump system is far less likely to give you unexpected problems.

So, get the peace of mind you deserve and get your maintenance sorted today!

Connecting your Grundfos needs!

Your heart is the one pump we cannot mend.

We leave that to our brilliant hospitals and the wonderful people who work there.

However, we do look after hospitals and their pumps.

We recently installed shiny new Grundfos heating pumps and pipe work overnight, for a hospital centered on the M11 corridor.

Did you know that we can also help you with:-

· Sewage stations
· Pressurisation units and booster sets
· Heating/ chilled water pumps
· Repair, refurbishment and replacement

You can rely on our fully equipped mobile engineers who can offer you emergency call out assistance, just when you need it.

We cannot fix your heart, but we can take some of the stress out of it!

Image: Guy Watson

Be an early bird!

Grundfos are increasing their prices on the 1st of February, 2022 by 6.5% and other European manufacturers will follow suit.

It would be a great idea to get your orders in early as possible as deliveries on many products are taking weeks, and even months, longer than usual.

Order now!

Order Early!

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Fair exchange is no robbery!

Our engineers working on the build of a bespoke pumping set for one of our wonderful customers!

Exchanging ideas and knowledge to build this wonderfully shiny heat exchanger unit.

Thought comes first, then the organisation of that thought, put into plans, followed by the transformation of those plans into reality.

Did you know that we offer bespoke units, made to your exact requirements, as per your individual specification, doing the exact job that you need it to do, to fit perfectly into the space you have.

If you have an application that is not answered by an off-the-shelf unit, get in touch to see how I can help.