How vulnerable are you?

If your plant room looks like this, you are more vulnerable than you think.

Our supply lines are struggling to meet demand. Pumps that were available inside a week or so, are now taking eight weeks and more to arrive. Some standard units are taking several months.

In addition, we are seeing larger price rises in materials than we have witnessed in the past forty years.

I therefore have a request.

Will you please take a look at your essential process and service systems and get anything you need from us ordered now!

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Here’s Micky, Steve and Dave our newest recruit, working on a magnificent booster set and mapress pipe installation for one of our Clients in the Isle of Dogs.

Our wonderful pump perfectionists are always on hand, helping each other and willing to help you, whatever your pump requirements are.

If you have a challenge with pumps, pressure sets, boosters, pipework layout or awkward spaces to deal with and would like a fresh pair of eyes, do give me a call.

Always ready to help you.

+ (44) 01442 860000

All things bright and beautiful

“All that glitters is not gold” and “Where there’s muck there’s brass”

We don’t supply Ferraris, or any other shiny baubles. In fact, the two often quoted sayings above are far closer to our hearts.

The new pumps you buy from us are of course fairly glittering, especially the highly polished stainless-steel versions for food and beverages.

However, all machines, even glossy motor vehicles will deteriorate over time, and when you bring us your old pumps to refurbish we not only make them as mechanically and electrically new as possible, we make them look good too!

So do give us a call today and let us put some sparkle into your old pumps!

Love Pumps!

Well, if you don’t already know, we don’t just sell pumps, we know all about them too.

You can choose from: –

. Pump sales
· Bespoke sets
· Design and consultancy
· Repair and maintenance
· Installation and commissioning
· Maintenance contracts
· Inspection and audit
· Engineer callout
· Plant operation and maintenance
· Asset refurbishments
· Parts
· Training and technical support
. Worldwide export
. Energy reduction

Jump right in and let us help you!

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At your service, always!

If you need any kind of industrial pump, supplied, installed, or serviced, then let me know.

Working in prestigious locations such as The Shard, The Walkie-Talkie building, Westfield and The Thames Barrier, we are trusted with some of the premier locations health.

My customers include The Environment Agency, Harrods, Coca-Cola, Thames Water, Kellogg Brown Root, Arla Foods and many other globally respected names.

Our talented, suave and sophisticated engineers (so they assure me!) have installed pumps in a gold mine in Guinea, in Jersey for the Government and in Gibraltar for Fire Services. Even trusted with the cloud, providing services for massive cooling circuits in huge server rooms.

All that as well as Power Stations, Biofuel processors, chemical plants and innumerable factories.

Having a routine maintenance agreement in place, can help you reduce your risk of downtime.

Call to arrange your very own tailored service agreement.

At your service, always!

Step up to the (pump) plate!

Whether I have supplied them for you, or you’ve bought them elsewhere, if your pumps need servicing, let me know.

Decades of experience has drilled home key lessons:

• Pumps that are maintained and serviced regularly are more reliable and cause fewer problems
• Pumps that are left to run and run without any attention will eventually decide that enough is enough, and break down

You will receive the very best advice based on years of experience and expertise.

Even when the pumps’ original identity is unknown, and the name plate missing, it can be fixed.

Cougar on-site services includes: –

• Assessment of your pump, looking for any damage, leaks, undue vibration or other problems
• Clean and check of float controls in any sumps
• Full analysis of all electrical connections to the pump and controls
• A full inspection of the control panel and their components
• Electrical current readings
• An operational check of high-level alarm unit or other warning systems
• Run and test of the pump and control unit(s)
• Extensive report following completion of the service, noting any immediate remedial action or advisory notices for future consideration

So, if you need a repair, replacement or a refurbishment, step on it and get in touch.

Watch out for the copper!

Just look at this amazing crimped, copper pipe work installation!

The advantage here is no soldering or welding on site so no risk of fire.

These are a couple of images from a recent booster set installation, where Cougar engineers have created a by-pass line, all ready for a new booster set to be installed, and uninterrupted service retained for a hospital.

Do get in touch if your installation needs a boost!

Love feedback!

I recently received the following feedback from a customer!

“The young engineer who called yesterday to install the new electric control board is worth his weight in gold. Polite, friendly, epitome of diplomacy & good at his job. All is well & I suggest you hold on to this young man. Perfect one to send to deal with difficult customers. I am well satisfied & all is well.” Mary, Piccotts End

As well as following up on individual pieces of feedback, equally important to me are your suggestions on where to focus our efforts.

I am always delighted when an individual does well, so do please keep letting me know if someone at Cougar has truly made a difference to your day.

Please send your feedback to

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