We’re privileged to have some fantastically inventive problem solvers working here at Cougar Pumps. This means that when a client is faced with a difficult installation issue, there’s every likelihood that we’ll be able to come up with a bespoke solution.

‘Bespoke’ can sound expensive – but that’s certainly not always the case. In fact, on more than one occasion we have come up with a custom pump installation solution that saved the client a huge amount of both time and money, as you can read below.

A Study in Lateral Thinking – and Money Saving!
Our client needed a new complete flow-test rig installed in their factory. The solution they had been offered meant constructing a new building which would mean applying for planning permission, and all manner of delays and expense. They came to Cougar looking for a way to avoid this. After discussing what they needed, we surveyed their factory and calculated that we could put a custom-built rig next to one of their existing factories on a small piece of scrap land.

We designed and built a stainless steel rig to fit inside a container, along with all pumps, pipes, valves, controls, meters, and inverter drives. On the roof of the container we installed a stainless steel water tank – and we made the whole assembly movable.

This allowed us to deliver the complete unit, put it in place on the prepared piece of land, test it thoroughly, and have it in use the same day. The entire solution represented a huge saving in both time and money for our client.

Dangerous Places and Awkward Geography
By thinking outside the box, and employing some extraordinary brains we’ve managed to create some utterly unique and entirely practical solutions for our clients. Solutions like these:

  • Hazardous work places very often use pump technology – so it’s not unusual to find ourselves dealing with the need to minimise the danger the pumps present. One situation we faced required centrifugal pumps. Of course, most centrifugal pumps are driven by electricity or diesel – not desirable at all in the area they were needed for. We modified the pumps by fitting compressed air powered motors, which made them intrinsically safe for operation under those conditions.
  • A fire main situated in a dock used seawater as it’s source – a suitable means of priming the main was needed that took the salt water into account. We installed twin, all-bronze, self-priming pumps, running on a single motor. Unique? Possibly!
  • Another seawater conundrum faced us when we were asked to help ensure a water supply to the fire water mains at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar. We installed self-priming pumps which took the water straight out of the Mediterranean, and fed a collection of very high-pressure booster sets, which ensured that the altitude of the Rock posed no problem for the local Fire Brigade.
  • A fuel depot needed test units to monitor the operation of valves whose function is to ensure the prevention of huge explosions. Pretty important. Our diesel-powered, trailer-mounted units could be taken to wherever they were needed, and operated safely under extreme high pressure.
  • Back on the coast again, we mounted a set of pumps – huge ones – on a diesel driven trailer. They were for ship bunkering pumps, loading and unloading fuel from freight ships.
  • Water companies are huge users of pump technology as you might imagine. To help efficiency and economy, we have designed and manufactured automated, self-priming, multi-pump booster sets for use in water treatment plants for several companies across the UK and overseas.

The Unusual, the Precise – and a Tardis
We’re used to having easy access to supplies of industrial gasses in most industrialised localities, but when you’re operating in a desert, or other remote location, getting hold of what you need is much more difficult. Some more unusual things we’ve manufactured include oxygen and nitrogen production plants for bottling and providing these gasses on site. This provides nitrogen for flushing and oxygen for cutting in production plants, without the fear of an interrupted supply.

By thinking outside the box… we’ve managed to create some utterly unique and entirely practical solutions for our clients.

Then there’s the precise. We’ve manufactured instrument air packages for the oil industry. As you can imagine, air is the preferred means of motive power in any oil production facility, for obvious, non-flammable reasons. The machine we built provides compressed air for the air driven instruments in the oil production areas, which sounds pretty standard. Except that these are packages require extremely high quality, very, very dry air. This air also needs to be provided at a minus 70 degrees centigrade dew point. As in exactly. A demanding specification, which we loved being able to furnish.

And the Tardis?
A water company asked us to design a number of complete automated pumping stations. They added that the final product would be sited near roads for ease of access and so needed to be compact and reasonably discreet.

The stations needed to be secure, not too imposing, and contain a ridiculous amount of engineering. The solution we provided? Well, they hold a complete pumping station even though they are only about the size of a telephone kiosk.

They’re not blue, and they don’t have ‘Police’ written on them, but they certainly do contain a good deal more on the inside than you would expect when you stand next to one. We still need to crack the time travel part, but that’s a work in progress.

Hopefully this brief overview of what Cougar Bespoke is about may spark some ideas about how we can help you. Inventiveness, imagination and determined problem-solving are what we do.

If you’ve got a job that you think nobody else is going to be interested in, or that feels impossible to tackle, let us have a look at it. It would be our delight to devise an answer for you and solve your problems.

Give us a call on 01442 860000 if you’d like to speak to our team, or sales@cougar-industries.co.uk