Cougar Bespoke, one size does not fit all!

When the phone rings in the Cougar offices and the caller says “we’ve got a problem”… well, to be honest - we love it!

We don’t wish difficulties for our clients, although lack of space, geography, weather, temperature – all those variables can mean a specialist pump build or installation is needed.

A bespoke solution need not cost a fortune. In fact, in some instances, we are able to save our clients a considerable amount of money by coming up with answers that no-one else has thought of.

Our engineers have years of ingenious problem-solving experience, which we can show you by describing a few of the projects we’ve been asked to work on.

We have taught locals on site in Guinea to install borehole pumps and controls in a gold mine.

We have provided, installed and maintained highly discreet sewage systems in the most illustrious food outlets in the UK.

We have installed pumps beneath the River Severn to drain the tunnel carrying power to Wales.

We have modified equipment to a totally fireproof specification.

If YOU have a problem and the catalogue boys don’t have the answer, we want your enquiry.

We will visit you, discuss the exact needs of your project and provide an answer that works, guaranteed!