Grundfos is a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology.

The huge range of standard products made means you can have a well engineered, reliable pump for many commercial and industrial purposes.

As a Grundfos Approved Industrial Partner we have the skills and knowledge to apply super products to meet your requirements.

Industries & solutions: -
Agricultural water distribution
Agricultural water intake
Agricultural water treatment
Commercial buildings
Domestic buildings
Fire protection
Industrial boilers
Industrial wastewater
Industrial water treatment
Machining industry
Manufacturing industries
Temperature control
Washing & cleaning
Wastewater transport
Wastewater treatment
Water distribution
Water intake
Water treatment

Based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire but servicing locations across the UK and worldwide, Cougar Pumps can help with all your Grundfos pump needs.

Below are just some of the Grundfos services we can assist with:

Grundfos Pump maintenance
Grundfos pump service
Grundfos Pumps
Grundfos spare parts
Grundfos circulator pump
Grundfos water boosting
Grundfos water booster
Grundfos shower pump
Grundfos grey wastewater
Grundfos grey waste water
Grundfos heating circulators
Grundfos macerators
Grundfos dosing pump
Grundfos diaphragm dosing pump
Grundfos chlorine dioxide system
Grundfos centrifugal pump
Grundfos submersible groundwater pump
Grundfos renewable energy
Grundfos pump cooling lubricants
Grundfos booster set
Grundfos lifting stations
Grundfos shower booster pump
Grundfos pressure booster modules
Grundfos condensate removal
Grundfos control panel
Grundfos digital dosing
Grundfos waste water
Grundfos wastewater
Grundfos magna range
Grundfos magna1
Grundfos magna3
Grundfos model c pumps
Grundfos sustainability
Grundfos pump school