The Lutz brand stands for fluid handling using drum and container pumps. In 1954, the company founder Karl Lutz started making electrical drum and container pumps in Wertheim.

In recent years, the brand has developed into a synonym for complete systems designed to handle any fluid filling and transfer job.

Drum and container pumps
Eccentric screw pumps
Double diaphragm pumps
Flow meters

Many solutions, and the one that meets your demands.

For 65 years Lutz have been the experts in handling liquids and, together with our customers, are facing up to the coming challenges.

We know the branches of industries and are working out the optimum solution for your company. Global players, small and medium-sized companies from all sectors. Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, industry - all have one thing in common: Lutz as a reliable partner

Based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire but servicing locations across the UK and worldwide, Cougar Pumps can help with all your Lutz pump needs.

Below are just some of the Lutz services we can assist with:

Lutz drum pumps
Lutz drum pumps
Lutz container pumps
Lutz pump tubes
Lutz motors
Lutz drum pump sets
Lutz flow meter
Lutz turbine wheel meter
Lutz nutating disc meter
Lutz oval gear flow meter
Lutz double diaphragm pump
Lutz centrifugal pump
Lutz horizontal pump
Lutz vertical pump
Lutz eccentric screw pump
Lutz drum pump
Lutz accessories
Lutz spare parts
Lutz stop valve
Lutz connecting cables
Lutz pump set solvents
Lutz pump set mineral oils