Booster pumps and booster sets are used to increase the pressure and flow of water. They are usually required in high rise buildings where the mains water pressure isn’t sufficient enough to service the entire block.

Easymat Variable Speed Booster Sets

The Easymat series features one, two and three pump options with WRAs approved MXH stainless steel horizontal centrifugal pumps or MXV-B stainless steel vertical centrifugal pumps. The sets include the very reliable Global Water Solutions accumulators, all stainless steel pipe work and fittings, stainless steel non-return valves on discharge and nickel plated ball valves on suction and discharge. All sets are complete with a pressure gauge, vessel isolating valve, vessel drain, control box, and pressure gauge. Systems are fully wired and tested and can be supplied packaged with cold water supply tanks to any design and size. Calpeda booster sets are fully EU compliant and all materials and fittings used are WRAs approved. 

IMAT Variable Speed Booster Sets

The IMAT sets come with the same exceptional build features found on the Easymat but the IMAT drives are much more sophisticated offering a range of control options, larger sizes and local and remote programming with PC interface. We build IMAT sets in two and three pump versions using the MXH and MXV pump ranges again both WRAs approved. IMAT sets also come with powder-coated base plates large enough to cover the whole footprint of the pumps and pipework and include suction pipe supports especially important on the larger systems.

Should you have any queries about the Calpeda booster sets, or wish to place an order, please contact our Technical Sales Team.