Did you know that you can have your pump any colour you like?

Well, you really can.

Bright red is normally associated with fire equipment and blue is often linked to clean water, but you can have any colour that suits you!

Barry and Joe, our workshop supremo’s always work their magic and, doing what they do best, refurbish pumps and make them look as good as new.

You can rely on our engineers to bring your pumps back to life.


When you are stumped for a pump answer, I am here to help you!

I can help you with: –

· Poor performing pumps
· Noisy pumps
· Leaks
· Intermittent electrical faults

If things are not running smoothly for you, please be assured that I have the answer.

So, don’t bail out, get your pumps up and running today!


The grass isn’t always greener…

My wonderful team always uphold a high standard of customer care. They are all professionally trained and passionate employees, with an ethos of providing you with a first-class service each and every time.

Cougar is a long-established company, with a wealth of technical ability, ranging from our sales office right through to our external engineers. Whatever department you need to liaise with, the highest quality service for you is my top priority.

· Peerless Pumps
· Grundfos pumps
· Strate sewage stations
· Lowara
· Flygt
· Ebara
· Calpeda
· Stuart-Turner
· Cat pumps
· Sulzer
· Wilo
· Pedrollo
· Roto
· Netzsch
· Lutz
· Prominent
· Crest
· Efaflu
· Caprari
· Dual
· Grosvenor
· Espa
· Xylem
· Armstrong
· Flux
· Godwin

So get in touch and stay on side with Cougar!

Hop to it!

Like almost every other liquid (think about the many pastes, gels, soups, cosmetics, paints, fuels, and more!) beer goes through a pump, and sometimes several, before you get to drink it.

As a foodstuff, beer is also a super place for bacteria to breed and to ensure your perfect pint, or litre, your brewer handles their product with great care.

Whether yours is a micro-brewery, a large independent, or part of a multi-national you are all using pumps. For pumping the practically perfect pint, I have always got a solution.

I recently had a call from one of our brewery customers for a replacement multistage pump. Urgently needed for production, their new pump was in and running the next day. Which meant that their lovely customers got their beer!

Essential services, excellent delivery – we certainly hopped to it.


Ready for your journey with Cougar?

Cougar are offering you the perfect solution for your pump applications.

Your journey continues to evolve, and so do we!

Our offer includes

· The world’s premier brands
· Excellent customer service
· Highly trained and experienced engineers
· Guaranteed repairs
· Impeccable advice

When you are ready to start your journey with Cougar, please let me know.

I look forward to welcoming you.


Save money!

With resources tight and cost-cutting measures in place across the board, many Companies are looking for smart ways to prevent expensive repairs and emergency call-outs.

By controlling maintenance costs, YOU can ensure maximum equipment up-time.

A maintenance contract is an extremely cost-effective service agreement, tailored to meet your specific requirements and budget.

It is an ideal answer for our customers who want to devote key resources to their core business, while reaping the benefits of: –

• Fixed service costs
• Reduced risk of unplanned failures
• Full compliance with environmental, health and safety requirements
• Increased up-time
• Peace of mind, and one less worry for you

Based on extensive knowledge of UK industries, our highly qualified specialists, document equipment status in a comprehensive report. You then receive a customised maintenance contract with the assurance that your system will be expertly taken care of.

Tailoring a maintenance contract to your specific needs is a great way to save money.


London calling!

Cougar engineers recently travelled to London to remove and service a 12-inch submersible pump.

Here at Cougar, our fully equipped, highly qualified and experienced field engineers are always ready to assist in reducing your down time and increasing your up time!

You’re in the right place with Cougar, book your service today!


Love every drop!

I do.

Every one of your factories, handling liquids, has a pump in it. (If this is not true, let me know and we will get you one!).

Production at one of our customer sites was recently halted due to a leaky pump and unfortunately, there no standby was available.

We quickly delivered a new pump and repaired the old pump so that our customer would have a spare in case of an emergency.

One very happy customer with a quick and comprehensive response to their issue!

Which is why I can help you with your leaking pumps by getting to the very heart of a problem pump.

So, why not drop in today and see how I can help you save YOUR precious water!

Shiny sewage!

Believe it or not, the picture above shows a stainless-steel sewage pumping station.

The pumps are nickel plated too.

The application is in a water park where waste was contaminated with chlorinated water as well as the usual outflow, requiring an innovative selection of materials for this site.

If you have an application that falls outside of a catalogue item, please let me know as I can arrange a site survey to discuss your requirements in more detail.