If you are in the Biofuel industry, you will know that demand for Biofuels is rapidly increasing, with many countries now adding up to 85% Ethanol to automotive fuel. As the industry continues this exciting growth, you need to look to your plant and especially your pumps to give you reliability and efficiency for continuous processes.

Picking the right pumps for this valuable process is essential. Many different fluids are utilised during production, including, feedstock slurries, denaturants, acids, caustics and of course the final products of ethanol and biodiesel. Each liquid with its own particular needs.

Also, the feedstocks (corn, sorghum, sugar cane etc) themselves can cause challenges for pump systems as many are abrasive. Then there are fermentation and distillation processes before the final product emerges. Each stage requires pumps that are efficient, resistant to corrosion, chemical erosion and have long service intervals.

If you face such challenges and need some help, please let me know.