Pumps – using 10% of the world’s electricity

That’s a staggering fact. But absolutely true. Working away in the background of society are vast numbers of pumps keeping the infrastructure buzzing. Factories produce, water flows, homes and workplaces are heated, vehicles are filled with fuel, what we need is delivered to us, what we don’t want goes away!

We’ve learned a tough lesson from our decades in the industry - far too much of this power is being wasted. An inefficient control system will prevent a pump from operating to its full potential, wasting what could be a lot of power. Additionally, an immense 85% of pump life-cycle costs are related to the daily operation of the pump, so it clearly makes sense to check it’s working at its best.

Just a single example: we surveyed a pressure wash booster pump for a client. They were concerned that it wasn’t running as efficiently as they’d hoped – and they were right. We identified that with the correct control settings, a significant amount of energy and cash could be saved. Very significant - in excess of £3500 every year was wasted because of incorrect settings. Not just that, we could dramatically increase its life span by setting it to work at optimum efficiency, saving yet more money in capital expenditure.

Not to mention the effect an inefficient pump can have on a manufacturing process. The difference might be relatively tiny, but compounded over the course of a year or more, the negative impact on productivity could be huge.

That’s just one pump. Extrapolate that out to the whole of industrial and domestic life, and imagine the wasted energy, and unnecessary spend resulting from incorrectly set up pump systems. The implications are enormous.

Take our Energy Check – save money, increase productivity, protect the environment.

Much as we’d like to, we can’t rectify every inefficient pump. But we could help you.

Do you know if your pump is working to the very best of its ability? Without specialist monitoring equipment it’s almost impossible to tell - so the chances are you don’t know, and it could be costing you money.

Cougar Pumps offer a simple energy check, and if we work out that your pump has gone rogue we can sort it out. You’ll be amazed at the difference it could make to its efficiency.

Here’s how it works
We’ll have an initial discussion with you to establish the background of your pumping assets, then we’ll assess your equipment on-site.

We do that by attaching a data logging box of tricks, called the Energy Saving Pump Control System (ESPCS), to your equipment. This monitoring device utilises approved equipment registered to the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme. It’s a highly efficient and accurate method of measuring the output and efficiency of any pump.

The ESPCS will stay attached to your equipment for an entire week, and while it’s in place it will compile a digital report detailing what it observes. At the end of the week, we’ll remove the monitor and take it away for analysis.

The gathered data allows us to compare what is actually happening on site with the pump’s expected performance. Any difference between ‘actual’ and ‘expected’ outcomes flags a potential problem with the pump.

That means we can determine whether energy saving measures are possible. We’ll show you the results and send you a detailed proposal, outlining possible savings and performance improvements.

As you can see from the example above, a single pump was costing a client over £3500 of unnecessary expenditure every year. On a site with multiple pumps in place - imagine how much money could be wasted if they are not set up efficiently.

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