Servicing your pumps

Whether we have supplied them for you, or you’ve bought them elsewhere, if your pumps need servicing, call Cougar.

Decades of experience has drilled home key lessons:

  • Pumps that are maintained and serviced regularly are very reliable and cause fewer problems
  • Pumps that are left to run and run without any attention will eventually decide that enough is enough - they break down

Our aim? To prevent that second scenario happening to you.

On-site servicing

Our engineers are all ‘confined-space-entry’ and electrically qualified. They are able to service all pumps on-site. Major repairs will need the units returned to our workshop.

The on-site service includes:

  • Assessment of the pump in situ, looking for any damage, leaks, undue vibration or other problems
  • Submersible sewage/drainage pumps will be removed for physical inspection
  • Clean and check of float controls in any sumps
  • Analysis of all electrical connections to pumps and controls
  • Full inspection of control panel and their components
  • Electrical current readings
  • Operation check of high level alarm unit, or other warning systems
  • Run and test of pump and control units
  • Report on completion of service, noting any immediate remedial action or advisory notices for future consideration

Service contracts

We’re happy to provide a one-off service for your equipment if you prefer. But we really would like to offer you complete peace of mind, and that’s what a Service Contract can provide.

Don’t get caught out!

Heating pumps. Sewage pumps. Pressurisation units. Booster sets. They’re much more effective if they are working properly. Sounds obvious, but they are often sadly neglected - until they break down.

Our service contract programme offers a preventative maintenance plan. We thoroughly recommend you consider this, because when we service pumps regularly, the benefits include a noticeable increase in the uptime, performance and longevity of your equipment.

A pump failure can cause huge disruption and we would rather prevent the expense and inconvenience of an emergency call-out. At Cougar Pumps, we care as much as you do about your business. We know the pain a breakdown can bring.

With a service contract, you’ll receive automatic periodic services - we’ll contact you as the due dates approach and fix an appointment. One of our engineers will visit you as arranged and carry out a full service of your equipment as covered.

They’ll follow up with a full report detailing the condition of your pump and ancillaries, and we will maintain a log of your service history.

If you would like to speak to one of our experienced sales advisors about our service contracts do get in touch.

We offer:

  • Bespoke service plans to match your needs
  • A free survey and quotation

Sign up now!

For more information about the benefits and costs our service agreements please contact our Service Department 01442 860000